Impact of modulating endocannabinoid system on blood-brain barrier permeability and neuroinflammation in the context of chronic kidney disease.

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Blood-brain barrier dysfunction may be an early biomarker of human cognitive dysfunction and neurological complications occur in almost all patients with severe chronic kidney disease. Surprisingly, the  integrity of BBB in patients with CKD has been poorly explored, and few reports suggest BBB leakage in animal models. Recently, our team described in various models of CKD in rats, that cognitive impairment was correlated to BBB dysfunction. In addition, other preclinical studies described that cognitive decline was associated with neuroinflammation in mice. Thus, therapeutic strategies targeting both BBB dysfunction and neuroinflammation may be relevant to prevent cognitive decline in the context of CKD.
A major physiological function of the endocannabinoid (eCB) signaling system is to modulate neuroinflammation and recently, a link between the eCB and the BBB has gained attention. Thus, the purpose of this preclinical project is to challenge the hypothesis of modulating eCB system to prevent neuroinflammation and BBB dysfunction in the context of CKD. The results of this project will contribute to caracterise the involvement of eCB in CKD-related neurological complications, and may provide innovative therapeutic targets in this context.
In this project, we will perform innovative in vivo isotopic imaging and behavioral assessment in the same animals, which constitue a fantastic opportunity to correlate cognitive outcomes to functional neuroimaging.

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We are looking for a highly motivated student with a background in neuroscience and/or biomedical science. The candidate will be integrated into a young and dynamic team closely supervised by the PI ,and will work with an experienced engineer during the whole duration of the project.

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The C2VN, Center for CardioVascular and Nutrition Research, is a joint research unit under the triple supervision of Aix-Marseille University, INSERM and INRAE. C2VN is located on the University Campus of La Timone in the heart of Marseille.
With 5 research teams and 5 technological platforms, the Centre is at the heart of one of the biggest public health issues, cardiovascular diseases and their prevention through Nutrition. It is one of the leading French research centres in this field, both nationally and internationally.

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