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From neural circuits to visually-guided behavior

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Two PhD positions are available in the Ala-Laurila Lab.


We study neural processing using a highly interdisciplinary approach to precisely link retinal coding to visually-guided behavior at the sensitivity limit of vision (Quantum Behavior). To do so, we combine a unique repertoire of cutting-edge techniques, including behavioral experiments on mice and humans, electrophysiology and imaging across retinal circuits, deep-learning-based animal tracking and computational modeling. Our goal is to reveal fundamental principles of neural computations across neural circuits, species and neural scales.

Two PhD positions are available starting September 2020 in the Ala-Laurila Lab in Helsinki, Finland. These positions are funded by a Horizon 2020 Marie Curie training network grant allowing the students to interact with several leading retina labs and related industry across Europe. Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is regularly ranked among the world’s top cities for quality of living.

Desired profile

We are seeking two highly motivated candidates with a genuine interest in visual neuroscience to join the lab.


The Ala-Laurila Lab is part of both Aalto University and University of Helsinki with two state-of-the art infrastructures and lab environments. The successful candidate will have access to lab equipment and the excellent research environment at both campuses.

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