5-Year Research Assistant/Engineer Position in PhysioNet INS

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PhysioNet is an international team of researchers from diverse backgrounds, (biology, physics, medicine, engineering, and mathematics) and we're on the lookout for a passionate, highly motivated Research Assistant to join us in our innovative work


Our work aims at understanding how neuronal network dynamics allow the exchange of information between brain areas in physiological and pathological conditions. We investigate how the information encoded in one neural structure is able to modulate the encoding in another area (and the other way around), how these interactions orchestrate perception, learning, and behaviour, and how these processes are affected in epilepsy. To do so, our primary approach is to perform high-density recordings of individual neurons simultaneously in multiple brain sites of freely behaving rats (healthy or epileptic) performing memory tests and then use data mining and analysis to study neural population dynamics.

The Research Assistant position involves diverse responsibilities critical to advancing neuroscience research. We seek an individual with a strong interest in scientific exploration, good organizational skills, and a focus on experimental techniques and data management. The key responsibilities are:
1. Management of Electrode and Intracerebral Recording Systems Fabrication Platform (Approx. 50% of time):
– Hands-on fabrication of electrodes, cables, and assembly of electronic devices (such as Arduinos, motion sensors, etc.) dedicated to in vivo recordings in rodents
– Design and production of parts using 3D printing technology
– Daily logistical organization
– Inventory management and order processing
– Training of personnel (students)
2. In vivo Experiments and Animals’ Care (Approx. 35% of time):
– Assistance and performing rodent microsurgeries (stereotaxic injections, electrode implantation, dissections)
– Post-op care of animals
3. Data Management (Approx. 15% of time):
– Storage and analysis of electrophysiological signals (EEG, ECG, temperature, etc.)

Training required

- Bachelor's or Master's degree in a relevant field (Neuroscience, Biology, Biomedical Engineering, etc.)
- Prior experience in a research lab, especially in handling laboratory equipment and animal experiments

Desired profile

- Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to work both independently and as part of a team
- Certification for conducting experiments on animals will be acquired if not already obtained
- Prior experience in data analysis tools and techniques is a strong plus
- Familiarity with 3D printing technology is a plus

This position offers an excellent opportunity to be part of an innovative research environment. The successful candidate will contribute to cutting-edge research and gain valuable experience across various aspects of behavioural and system neuroscience and experimental techniques.

Skills sought

If you're passionate about research, possess the necessary qualifications, and are eager to join a committed team, we encourage you to apply and be a part of our friendly and passionate team to advance scientific knowledge in neuroscience, in the beautiful and sunny Marseilles.

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