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Thursday I can't, I have Neuro'binar / February 2021

In this article find the video of the second edition which took place on January 21st, 2021, with Pierre-Yves Jacob (LNC), Dominic Bingham (INP) and Lucas Goirand-Lopez (INMED).

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For this fifth edition, we had the pleasure to welcome Lucas Goirand-Lopez (INMED), Dominic Bingham (INP) and Pierre-Yves Jacob (LNC). Dominic Bingham and Lucas Goirand-Lopez introduced their respective PhD in a cross-presentation. After a question session, Pierre-Yves Jacob explained his research on the cerebral network underlying spatial navigation that allows us to navigate in complex environments, such as connected spaces or goals.

The format

A one-hour web-conference in 2 parts: two PhD students will give a 10 min cross-presentation of their PhD work. After 5 min of questions, they will hand over to a researcher, a postdoc or an engineer from the neuroscience community who will present in 20 min an accessible version of their research. Once again, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, debate on the topic of the day or simply get to know your colleague better!



#5 Neurobinar with Pierre-Yves Jacob (LNC), Dominic Bingham (INP) and Lucas Goirand-Lopez (INMED).

Your "Zoomers" of this fifth edition

Learn more about Dominic Bingham’s PhD (INP) presented by Lucas Goirand-Lopez (INMED and vice versa. The presentation of both theses is followed by the presentation of the work of Pierre-Yves Jacob (LNC). You also have the opportunity to watch the previous Neurobinars on our YouTube Chanel

Pierre-Yves Jacob

Pierre-Yves Jacob completed his academic education at the Aix-Marseille University, which he pursued with a PhD at the Laboratory of Cognitive Neurosciences (LNC). During his PhD, he was interested in the role of the median entorhinal cortex in the cerebral processes of spatial navigation using behavioral, pharmacogenetics and electrophysiological recordings approaches in awake and freely moving rodents. Then, he did a post-doc at the University College of London during which he identified and characterized spatial activities of retrosplenial cortex neurons when rodents move in connected spaces. Back in Marseille, he did a second post-doc and then obtained a “chargé de recherche” position at the CNRS in the Spatial Cognition team of the LNC. His research seeks to describe the cerebral network underlying spatial navigation that allows us to navigate in complex environments, such as connected spaces or goals.

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Dominic Bingham

Dominic first graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Sheffield Hallam University before graduating with a Master’s degree in Translational Neuroscience from the University of Sheffield. Dominic began his PhD in Marseille thanks to the scholarship offered by NeuroSchool (formerly ICN PhD Program). He works on his PhD, entitled “The Role of Actin at the Presynapse”, as part of the NeuroCyto team at the Institute of Neurophysiopathology (INP). The project is supervised by Dr Christophe Leterrier and Dr Marie-Jeanne Papandreou.

Lucas Goirand-Lopez

After a preparatory class at Centrale Marseille in Chemistry and Sustainable Processes, he started a work-linked training at Mediterranean Neurobiology Institute (Inmed) in neural network studies from 2016 to 2019. In 2019, he begins his PhD entitled "Impact of kainate receptors on the network activity of the epileptic dentate gyrus: in silico study by modelling", co-directed by Valérie Crépel and Thomas Marissal.

Ingrid Meucci Chargée de communication

Après la validation d’un master en neuroscience et un master communication, je me suis spécialisée dans la communication neuroscientifique au service de l'institut NeuroMarseille. 

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