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Professional meetings in Master 2

NeuroSchool invited professionals from different fields to meet second-year master's students.

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For the Master’s degree professionalization courses, NeuroSchool invited professionals from different fields to present their career path, their missions or additional training. These meetings were held every Thursday in October and November 2020.

Academic research

The first meeting aimed to demystify careers in academic research thanks to the testimonies of Lisa Raoul, PhD student (LNC), Sylvie Liabeuf, research assistant (INT), and Thomas Marissal, INSERM researcher (INMED).

Clinical research

The following meeting allowed us to approach the world of clinical research, with Olivier Blin, who came to present the Training of Clinical Research Assistants and Clinical Study Technicians and three medical interns enrolled in the second year of our master’s program (M2), who had interviewed people involved in clinical research.


Entrepreneurship was then in the spotlight thanks to the speeches of Marie Breziski, who presented the actions of Pépite Provence, and Olivier Alluin, who explained those of the Impulse Incubator. Another meeting dedicated to R&D brought together Rémy Steinschneider, from NeuronExperts and Michel Khrestchatisky, from Vect-Horus, who presented the biotech companies they have set up. Finally, David Ouedraogo, from Johnson & Johnson, shared his experiences as a technical sales engineer and then marketing manager.

Communication & teaching

We also had the chance to discuss communication and teaching with Pierre Albigès, scientific mediator at Ebulliscience, and Laurène Save, professor and co-editor of the Blog’n’Brain.

Additional training in computer science

Finally, Jean-Luc Mari made a presentation of the Master 2 Complementary Competence in Computer Science, completed by the testimonies of two neuroscience students who took this complementary training: Maelle Freteault, PhD student in Brest and Montreal, and Charles Moquereau, engineer at Guaraní.

Thank you all for these very inspiring personal testimonials, which will certainly help our students build their professional project!

Personalised support for our students

Many thanks also to the professors and staff members from our laboratories who took time to take a training course in coaching: Caroline CHAMBON, Christophe PORCHER, François FERON, Gaëlle CAPRAZ, Julie KOENIG, Julie PEYRONNET-ROUX, Kévin BARANGER, Lourdes MOUNIEN, Natacha HERALY-POITOU, Pascale BARBIER, Pierre-Pascal LENCK-SANTINI, Riad SEDDIK, Sophie CHAUVET, Sylvie THIRION, Wafaa ZAARAOUI. Most of them have already been able to put this training into practice by conducting interviews with our M2 students to accompany them in their professional project.

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The master's degree in neurosciences
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