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A look back on NeuroFrance 2019

The French Society for Neuroscience organized NeuroFrance 2019 from May 22 to 24, at Parc Chanot in Marseille. On that occasion, NeuroSchool ran a booth in partnership with DHUNE, the Excellence Center for neurodegenerative diseases and ageing. During this special event, we organized various events such as a “NeuroJobs Workshop” and specific symposia. Congress participants also have the opportunity to take a Virtual Reality tour to explore the technical platforms of AMU neuroscience laboratories!

The conference was a real success, the art exhibition organized by NeuroSchool even appeared on TV! You will find the interview (in French) in the video above, as well as other actions organized by NeuroSchool.

NeuroSchool booth
During three days, everyone could meet us at our brand new booth to learn more about our trainings and virtually visit Marseille neuroscience laboratories.


Career outside academia (Chair: Julie Peyronnet-Roux,  Aix-Marseille University researcher in charge of professionalization at NeuroSchool)

With Joachim Confais, Raphaël Hitier, Sandrine Courtès and Claire Leroy, attendees learnt about successfully transitioning to the non-academic world. The five speakers presented their career paths and participate in a roundtable around the following questions:

  • How did you experience the transition to the non-academic world?
  • Did you need to take further training?
  • What skills should one emphasize to get hired in your field?
  • What makes a good professional network?

Training the next generation of scientists : scientific misconduct and publication ethics

Boris Barbour, Christophe Bernard, Paul Bolam and Eve Marder discussed about ethical issues around scientific publishing, reproducibility and reviewing.

NeuroSchool PhD Program symposium – Right to the goal: the influence of physical activity on the brain – Chairs: J. Caron-Guyon (Marseille) and E. Leprince (Marseille)
Henriette van Praag, Francis Chaouloff, Caroline Landelle and Grégoire Courtine talked about their work on the influence of physical activity on the brain. Organized by NeuroSchool PhD Program students.


L’Art en Tête
If you wanted to take a break between two talks, you could explore the frontier between art and science with 5 works of art. The exhibition had many visitors and received overwhelmingly positive feedback!

  • The neurons’ song: Mehdi Sicre and Romain Lanteaume associated notes to the crackling of neurons, creating original melodies.
  • One face: Nicolas Clauss and Charles Dabard proposed a visual illusion, which created a unique face when our eyes see two different ones.
  • Bright thoughts: Jesús Tamez-Duque and his team translated voltage measurement in the brain into LED flashing.
  • Living light: Nadia Merad Coliac offered a bioluminescent brain sculpture using light produced by bacteria.
  • In the artist’s mind: Yannick Becker transformed MRI sounds and images into electronic music.



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