Learning French

Wanna learn French ? Several options exist to allow you achieve your learning. Check those out !

Here at NeuroMarseille, we wish our newcoming students to enjoy their stay in France, so we listed here some options to learn French.

French classes at Aix Marseille Université

At first, you may opt for French classes at AMU, which propose several formulas. Options include:

  • Degree course in French language and culture (full time, semester or year)
  • Intense summer (3 weeks) and winter (2 or 3 weeks) workshops
  • Evening classes open to all
  • Online French lessons (20 hours)

The university service giving French classes is the SUFLE. However, mind that trainings are not free (e.g. 825 € for the 3-week session in August-September) and you will have to define if the level suits you. However, cost may be reduced if you subscribe either as an AMU student or in group. For any question, you can contact the SUFLE with this form.

Note: There are also French lessons for foreign PhD students and researchers that are paid by their labs. You may try this way, even though they are usually overbooked.

Free options within Aix Marseille Université

For students (and staff) registered at AMU, there are options that are often free of charge that you can look into.

For instance, you can have access to different services such as the online tool 7 Speaking platform to learn languages, or the online “language cafe” meetings of our partner the CIVIS alliance, gathering students from all over Europe.

You can also register at language centers on the different campuses like the CARLAM at Saint-Charles or the Centre des langues in Luminy (this last one also has a “Café des Langues” student meetings).

Contact the SUFLE

Other schools

Other institutions give French courses as a foreign language in Marseille and Aix-en-Provence. Lessons are held in group or individually, online or not. Check those and their formulas in the list below.

Cheap/free options

If you are looking for cheaper options, you can check for the association Transcultures in Marseille. A previous incoming student was very happy with their classes.

You may also want to check for online courses on the FUN-MOOC platform, such as this one.

In addition, applications for cell phones are a good way to sart practicing nowadays, and are usually free at the beginning. For instance, try the Duolingo app to learn languages.

Students' societies

Students' societies

Finally, there are many meetings organized in Marseille for informal language exchanges … Student’s societies will help you for that.  You could also organize yourself bilingual conversation sessions with other students where you would alternate between French and English (or your native language)!

  • Café Club Marseille for foreign students in Marseille (Facebook)
  • The Erasmus Student Network
  • Neuroscience Students’ societies :


NeuroMarseille wishes you a good start in your learning. If you have any other questions, contact us by mail!

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