All the neuroscience news in April 2023

Discover the news of the Marseille neuroscience community for April 2023!


NeuroLunch & Learn: hybrid event about computational neuroscience

Join us for a seminar around a theme of interest for the community. A technique or a line of research: to talk about it, Samuel Medina Villalon (engineer, INS), Borana Dollomaja (PhD student, INS), and Matthieu Gilson (researcher, INT).
First session’s theme: computational neurosciences, personalized medicine from data to model.
Via zoom and around a buffet for more exchanges and conviviality.
 📅 11 April, 2023
 📍 Timone Campus – Amphithéatre Grisoli & online - 12:15 pm


NeuroMarseille Day, 29 june: save the date!

NeuroMarseille invites the entire neuroscience community on Thursday, June 29, 2023, for a day of convivial gathering around science.
Hongkui Zeng, Director of Structured Science, Allen Institute for Brain Science, will be our special guest for a keynote lecture.
Each week we will focus on one moment of the program (debates, workshops...): meanwhile, discover it now!
📅 June 29, 2023
 📍 Luminy Campus

Discover the program

Regional final of « Ma thèse en 180 secondes » : a NeuroSchool student on the podium

We are thrilled to announce that Claire Mahé, PhD student at the Institut des Sciences du Mouvement - Etienne Jules Marey, came second in the regional final of « Ma thèse en 180 secondes » last March 21 in Marseille! A big bravo to her!

🎥  Watch the whole event
🎥  Watch her part

Call: PhD for MD contracts

Are you an intern, or a young medical doctor or pharmacist interested in neuroscience research ? Last month to apply to our call for applicants for a one-year PhD contract !
 🗓 Deadline to apply : May 2, 2023

Apply now


All the events of the NeuroMarseille Institute, NeuroSchool and other external events.

NeuroMarseille internal events

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Dates to note down!

Summary of upcoming events at NeuroMarseille:

🗓April 11: NeuroLunch & Learn - computational neuroscience
🗓May 5: UNITAE seminar by Karine Leblanc and Laurent Perrin
🗓May 22: NeuroSchool Seminar by Prof. Iwasato 

NeuroSchool seminar by Takuji IWASATO

Takuji IWASATO will be our guest on May 22, in INMED, Luminy for a seminar. More information to come!

📅 May 22, 2023,
📍 Inmed, Luminy
📢 Seminar open to all

NeuroMarseille lab seminars

📌 UFR Sciences

April 5 – 6pm -7:30 pm : « La mémoire, une fonction cognitive essentielle au cœur de notre identité » : a conference by Rosa Cossart (INMED), in French, for a general audience.

📍Campus Saint-Charles – Grand Amphi : register here



April 7 – 2:30 pm: « Dynamic intravital imaging highlights infiltrated moDCs as regulator of microglial state and neuronal plasticity.» by Franck Debarbieux, INT.

📍 Campus Timone, room 52 (5th floor, red wing of the main building)



April 12 – 1: 00 pm: «Double dissociations in Neuropsychology: principle and example » by Olivier Félician, INS

📍 Timone Campus



April 5 –  11:00 am : «The potential roles of the cation-Cl-cotransporters (such as KCC2 and NKCC1) in modulation of GABA/glycinergic inhibition-excitation dynamics during development and pathogenesis of the neural network function. » by Atsuo Fukuda –  Hamamatsu University, Japan

📍Campus Timone – INMED conference room


– April 6, 10:00 am :  “From writing a protocol to analyzing human data: how to conduct your research well? Focus on MRI research projects ” by Tiphaine Villaumé (INT)
–  “Phonological networks in language perception and production.” by Xenia Dmitrieva, Kristof Strijkers (LPL)

European Researchers' Night

The 2023 edition of the European Researchers' Night will be held this year on Friday, September 29 in Marseille.
Do you work in research and wish to participate in this festive event to exchange in a friendly and original way with the general public about your research? Register before April 5 by filling out this form.

📍 Marseille, France
📅 September 29, 2023


ECCN 2023

18th European Congress of Clinical Neurophysiology.
An exciting and wide-ranging program is proposed, including topics in all areas of clinical neurophysiology of interest to clinicians, researchers and paramedical staff.

📍 Marseille, France
📅 May 9-12, 2023

More information

NeuroSchool L3 / Master

This section covers the actions carried out with our 3rd-year undergraduate and master's students. 

NeuroSchool information

Mobility grants

We are pleased to announce that the our mobility grants have been awarded to the following students:

for an internship in Rome
for an internship in Madrid
for an internship in Madrid

for an internship in Tübingen
Audrey AUBERT for an internship in Madrid
Romane LOLIGNIER for an internship in Glasgow

Congratulations and enjoy your research stay!

TOEIC session

On April 21, NeuroSchool will finance a session of the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) for M1 and M2 students. Register now on Ametice!

In the meantime, prepare yourself by using the AMUlangues service available on your ENT, or by consulting the resources listed in the English section of our useful links webpage. 

Registration for M1 students: here!
Registration for M2 students: here! 

NeuroFrance 2023 (Lyon)

One L3 (Elie BELOSCAR) and one master’s student (Melina NTINOPOULOU) will attend NeuroFrance 2023 meeting in Lyon on May 24-26, 2023. In exchange for NeuroSchool financial support, they will keep you posted about what they enjoy the most in the meeting.   

More information

NeuroSchool PhD program

Read all the news about our PhD program.

NeuroSchool information

Attention please : You are a PhD student in neuroscience at AMU? Whether you are French or from abroad, you can apply to the NeuroSchool PhD program!
As it is not automatic, apply on our page directly by following this link, and join the community!

NeuroSchool seminar by Takuji IWASATO

Takuji IWASATO will be our guest on May 22, in INMED, Luminy for a seminar. More information to come!

PhD students participating in the entire event allows validate 3 hours of scientific training (4 for the chairperson).

📅 May 22, 2023
📍 Inmed, Luminy
👉 Link to AMeTICE registration for PhD students ( coming soon)

Neuroanatomy advanced course: Feedback from PhD students

Another success for our courses on “Functional Neuroanatomy: an overview of the main brain systems” facilitated by the set of speakers. 26 hours to give PhD students a general understanding of the functional and structural organization of brain systems. 

Read more

Bank Holidays

International students, take note of the following bank holidays !

• Easter Monday - Monday 10 April 2023
Labour Day - May 1 (EVERYTHING WILL BE CLOSED even buses/metro)
 • WWII Victory Day - May 8 
 • Ascension Day - May 18
 • White Monday - May 29 (not always a holiday, check with youremployer)

Advanced courses

Computational neuroscience course
This advanced course on machine learning will help you analyze complex data.
🗓 May 10-12, 2023
📍Timone campus
👍 Validate 17 hours of PhD training
Register on AMeTICE

Advanced statistics course
Save the date : Royce Anders will come teach you advanced statistics applied to neuroscience.
🗓 June 12-16, 2023 
More information soon !

Information and registration

The Good Reviewer's Guide to the Publishing Galaxy

You received harsh reviews on your last paper ? Here's the chance to understand the processes of reviewing a scientific paper, providing criticisms while staying kind. Join us for this interactive session!

🗓 June 29, 2023 (NeuroMarseille Day). 2 :00 - 4 :00 pm 
👍 Validates 3 hours of PhD training
Registration will open shortly

PhD MD: submit your application

NeuroSchool proposes to finance one year of PhD research for interns, young medical doctors, or pharmacy graduates. 
 🗓  Deadline for application: May 2, 2023 

Submit your application
PhD program Next events

Committee meetings
🗓 April 7 : enlarged committee meeting
🗓 April 14 : small committee meeting
🗓 April 21 : small committee meeting
🗓 April 28 : small committee meeting

Courses and events
🗓 May 10-12 : computational neuroscience (machine learning) course
🗓 May 22 : NeuroSchool Seminar by Iwasato
🗓 June 12-16 : statistics course
Check out the Events section above for general events!


Discover information on topics of interest to your research or your laboratory's life, from NeuroMarseille and beyond

Information from NeuroMarseille and its 9 laboratories

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Incoming mobility grants: submit a training offer

Researchers, you can continue to propose internships for students from partner universities.
Note: a  given supervisor cannot host several incoming trainees through NeuroSchool mobility grants simultaneously nor two years in a row.

Submit your offer

What if the key to the origins of language lies in the brains of apes?

Find out in what Adrien Meguerditchian (LPC researcher) and Yannick Becker (one of our most brilliant alumni) published and how "The Conversation" talk about it! Don't miss this fascinating read.

Read the article

Are you using ChatGPT to help you write your papers ?

Watch out : some journals are now forbidding you to do so. Read this article to find out how ?

Read more


All the NeuroMarseille calls, and more!

Results of NeuroFrance calls

Congratulations to the students who will have the honor of attending NeuroFrance in May: 
All PhD students will present their posters.

The FRM opens its call "Help for the return to France".

Deadline: May 24, 2023 (to be checked when the call opens)

More information

Students' societies

The latest news from students societies linked to NeuroMarseille and NeuroSchool

Join the NeuroCommunity alumni!

« Community » is crucial for students, never forget that ! So, we set up a LinkedIn group dedicated to students, current NeuroMarseille members and alumni: please sign up now and share your ideas, needs, job proposals, collaborations, calls for help, advice, good tips… or anything else! 

More information

Neuronautes news

Neuronautes's upcoming event:

📅 April : Conférence Drogues et Cerveau 
📍Marseille, Campus St Charles

neuronautes' facebook

Join the Neurolink society!

Neurolink is looking for brains as well as arms and hearts!
PhD students and postdocs: join now to organise scientific, social and networking events!

Become a member of NeuroLink

News from the Paren(Thèse) society

It is sometimes difficult to start writing your thesis alone in front of your computer... For you, Paren(Thèse) offers collective online writing sessions!

More information


Job offers, internships, PhD projects, professional events & training

photo shoot

 Professional photos !

NeuroSchool organized a professional photo shoot for students and lab members. We were delighted to regularly offer this opportunity to our community to create quality professional profiles. Post your beautiful portrait on your next seminar's announcement or on LinkedIn or ResearchGate!

Find a job on NeuroCommunity

We put at your disposal a LinkedIn group dedicated to alumni and current members: there, you can find job proposals.

Join the linkedin group

Find a job or internship on JobTeaser

New: AMU offers its students and graduates access to the JobTeaser platform to help them find an internship or a job. Register through the ENT or the following link.

Explore JobTeaser

Where to find job offers

Check out these websites if you’re looking for a job or a PhD project:

And of course, join our NeuroCommunity group on LinkedIn!

NeuroCommunity group

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