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Honour roll

2020 End-of-PhD funding winners

As it does every year, NeuroSchool awarded four scholarships to doctoral students who have reached the end of their PhDs.

The jury, consisting of one representative from each laboratory, met on June 29, 2020 to decide on the attribution of the four 6-month end-of-PhD scholarships. The considered candidates were the following:

Successful candidates

  1. Justine Facchini (LNSC)
  2. Jeremy Verneuil (INT)
  3. Erwan Leprince (INMED)
  4. Angelo Franciosini (INT)

Candidates on the waiting list

  1. Dominika Pilat (INP)
  2. Karen Runge (INMED)
  3. Vinay Parameshwarappa (LNSC)

The subsequent withdrawals of Justine Facchini, Dominika Pilat and Karen Runge in favour of other funding enabled Vinay Parameshwarappa to secure the last scholarship offered by the PhD Program.

This year’s winners are :

  1. Jeremy Verneuil (INT)
  2. Erwan Leprince (INMED)
  3. Angelo Franciosini (INT)
  4. Vinay Parameshwarappa (LNSC)


We remind you that candidates’ participation in PhD program events and their general involvement in the program were taken into account during the evaluation.

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