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Banking & immigration

Find here useful information for opening a bank account and for immigration

How to open a bank account in France?

To open a bank account in France and get a RIB (= bank document with account number): you’ll need that to get your contract so your salaries are paid… but you’ll likely need to prove that you have an address in France and a work contract to open one.

What students usually do is give HR a foreign account so they get their contract then the first thing they do when they arrive in France is to go to the bank open an account and get a RIB (single document shows the bank name, the bank logo, the bank address, your name, your IBAN code and BIC or SWIFT code). If necessary, NeuroSchool or your labmates can help you find a bank near your lab or near where you’ll be living. Note that you can also open a Wise account (or something equivalent). Aix Marseille Université gives more information about banking and partner banks here.

You may also check the Euraxess website.

More information from Aix Marseille Université


If you’re from a country outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland and wish to work in France, you generally must request a work permit to do research in a laboratory, even as a PhD student. Luckily, there is a simplified procedure for PhD students and researchers: they can get a “Passeport Talent”. 

Ask your lab for a hosting agreement. International Affairs officers (link to the list of contacts) on your future campus can provide the latest forms. There are 2 steps to start the procedure:

  • hosting agreement (convention d’accueil)
  • certification (attestation de convention)

International Relations will send the signed attestation to your host lab, which will in turn send it to you. We recommend using a courier service.  Then you can go to the consulate in your home country to get a “Passeport Talent” visa.

When you arrive in France, you’ll have to get it validated at the Prefecture. Ask the university International Relations office to get an appointment for you. There may be fees to get the visa.

For other cases, please refer to the Euraxess website (for PhD students, postdocs and researchers)

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