Science & Art Photo Contest
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Call Presentation

NeuroMarseille welcomes you to a new adventure at the frontiers between Science and Art:

  • Goal: to reveal the beauty of the living through images (photos, photomontage) realized in the neuroscience laboratories of AMU.
  • Principle: send as many images as you consider useful, with a narrative explaining the image and the conditions of its realization. Photos of neuroscientists in action and of the devices and technical approaches used to study neuroscience are also accepted.
    Thank you to indicate the name of the author of the photo and that this one accepts that his work is used by NeuroMarseille.
  • Selection: about twenty photos (ideally 2 per laboratory) will be selected by a jury of researchers and representatives of the art world.
  • Production: NeuroMarseille will print them in large format (50×70 cm, 300dpi), think of sending your pictures in high definition (5906×8268 px). One copy for you, one copy for the exhibition which will then be given to the laboratory.
  • Glory: these photos will be exhibited in galleries in Marseille, Aix and perhaps other cities before passing through each laboratory.

Deadline: 15 June 2021, exhibitions in September.

So don’t hesitate to compete by sending your pictures by e-mail and win a large format, high definition and framed photo.

🔺 The winners agree to transfer to the competition organisers their rights to the prize-winning photos for a period of three years and as part of the promotion of the competition (notably on the website and on the social networks of NeuroMarseille and NeuroSchool) and the exhibitions that will follow.

This work has received support from the French government under the Programme “Investissements d’Avenir”, Initiative d’Excellence d’Aix-Marseille Université via AMidex funding NeuroMarseille AMX-19-IET-004, and NeuroSchool ANR-17-EURE-0029


The first edition of this contest organized by the NeuroMarseille Institute was a success! We would like to thank all the amateur photographers, researchers in 8 of our laboratories (INP, INT, IBDM, LNC, INMED, INS, LPC, CRMBM) for their participation.
Among the thirty or so works that were received and evaluated, 18 were classified – one photograph per artist. Each of the candidates will be offered a print of their work on 50x70cm pen-paper as well as a prize (pass for the Arles meetings, subscription to the magazine Réponses photo, beautiful book from l’Harmattan editions…)
The first 10 works have been selected and will soon be exhibited*, those not selected will appear in the printed catalogue of the exhibition.

  1. “Autistic and nanoscope” by François Feron
  2. “Neuronal Turing model” by Alberto Vergani
  3. “Sunshine in your head” by Marie Falque
  4. “HiU” by Christophe Leterrier
  5. “Induction of a genetic deletion in the tanycytes of the hypothalamus in mice” by Manon Barbot
  6. “A rainbow in the dark” by Thenzing Judá Silva Hurtado
  7. “Olfactory circonvulations” by Sylvain Bauer
  8. “Synaptic constellation” by Maxim Cazorla
  9. “Epileptic waves” by Sara Simula
  10. “Inflammatory reaction” by Nada El Mahmoudi
  11. “Primary sensations” by Justine Facchini
  12. “Research waste” by François Devred
  13. “Autism and mitochondria” by Gaëlle Guiraudie Capraz
  14. “Neurons in the stars” by Angélique Puget
  15. “Imaging of cerebral vascularization” by Teodora-Adriana Perles-Barbaracu
  16. “Bathing” by Jérémy Verneuil
  17. “Baboon family” by Yannick Becker
  18. “Variable density” by Laurent Perrinet