Elections of PhD students' representatives NeuroSchool / NeuroMarseille 2023-2025
Call for applicants closed Interview and/or deliberation closed Results announced
The call for candidates is closed. Please vote on AMeTICE.

Presentation of the call and missions

We are launching a call for applications for PhD students willing to represent their programme and participate in the Neuroschool steering committee and the board of the Institut NeuroMarseille.

Eligible students: PhD students enrolled in the NeuroSchool PhD Program*.

The representatives will take office on February 1st 2023 for a maximum 2-year term with the following missions:

  • to ensure a privileged link between students and the management of NeuroSchool and NeuroMarseille,
  • participate in the monthly meetings of the NeuroSchool board of directors and in the biannual meetings of the NeuroMarseille Institute council (in turn each time: one or two student representatives are needed in total for the 3 neuroscience programs, i.e. 3rd year of BSc, MSc, and PhD levels combined).

Other elections have been held separately, where the students of L3 Life Sciences, Neuroscience path, elected 2 representatives, and those of the neuroscience Master’s program (M1 & M2), 2 representatives as well.

All NeuroSchool PhD students interested in these missions are invited to submit an application form (blue button) and provide the following documents:

  • a short CV including a short text explaining their motivation
  • a portrait photo

The application is expected to be bilingual (English/French).

*The call for applications and voting is only open to PhD students enrolled in the NeuroSchool PhD program at the time of the closing of the call for applications. Reminder: any AMU neuroscience PhD student is not automatically registered in the NeuroSchool PhD programme. Link to the registration procedure here.


For more information about this call, please contact the management of the Institut NeuroMarseille or NeuroSchool.


The deadline for applications is Thursday, January 12th, 2023, at 23:59. 

After verification of their validity, applications will then be posted on the NeuroMarseille website (exact link to come).

All NeuroSchool PhD students will be asked to vote remotely, on Tuesday, January 24th, 2023, on the AMeTICE platform through an anonymous questionnaire.

Voting modality

The voters are the students registered in 2022-23 at Aix Marseille University and registered to the NeuroSchool PhD program in neuroscience.

The NeuroSchool PhD program students will elect up to 3 representatives, i.e. 1 per campus (Luminy, Saint-Charles, Timone).

The vote takes place remotely, through an anonymous questionnaire on the AMeTICE platform.

Candidate PhD students will be separated according to the site of their main laboratory,

  • Luminy: IBDM, INMED, ISM, UNIS
  • Saint-Charles: LNC, LPC
  • Timone: CRMBM, INP, INS, INT, MMG

PhD student voters will be able to tick up to three names among the candidates: one per campus.

Blank voting is allowed.

One PhD student representative per campus will be elected by relative majority (separately per campus). If there are no candidates from one of the campuses, the PhD students will choose up to three names among those of the candidates, but not limited to one per campus.

In the event of a tie, a second round may be held between candidates having won at least 10% of the votes cast.


The following PhD students’ representatives are elected from 1 February 2023 for a two-year term of office:

  • Luminy campus: Aurélien Fortoul (INMED)
  • Saint-Charles campus: Sophia Faresse (LNC)
  • Timone campus: Cléo Schoeffel (INT)

Thanks to the all candidates for taking the time to apply. Your involvement allows our institutions to be healthy and to reflect the voice of our students.