Data science applied to neuroscience
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Presentation of the call

To NeuroSchool Master 2 students and PhD students:

Do you want to strengthen your skills in data analysis? Understand and know how to use new techniques using machine learning?  Do you want to add to your CV new skills that are highly sought after by laboratories and companies?

NeuroSchool offers you a brand new training : a diploma (DESU) in Data science applied to neuroscience. The nEURo*AMU/NeuroSchool graduate school finances the enrolment of its selected students.

This call for applications concerns neuroscience students (M2 and PhD) interested in enrolling in AMU DESU Data science applied to neuroscience, a training program planned between June 13 and July 1, 2022 and then from August 29 to September 2, 2022, with a project to be carried out during the summer.

As this training is offered in French, please check the French side of this website for details.