Interdisciplinarity 2021 Call
Call for applicants closed Interview and/or deliberation until : Jan 24, 2022
Application Form

Call description

On November 18th, 2021, A*MIDEX launched the “Interdisciplinarity 2021” call for proposals.

The objectives of this call are to:
– Support a structuring effort on the whole site by encouraging the promotion of interdisciplinarity.
– Select and finance interdisciplinary research projects that will have a positive impact on education and training, with high added value, in response to significant societal challenges.
– Encourage scientific audacity and the resolution of new questions through interdisciplinarity.

The perimeter of the call
This call is dedicated to the perimeter of the institutional institutes.
The projects must be led by researchers, teachers, and teacher-researchers from the Aix-Marseille University site.
Each Institute will promote the emergence of projects within its thematic perimeter and pre-select a maximum of 3 projects which will then be submitted to A*Midex for evaluation and selection.

Fields of the call
All scientific fields, all interdisciplinary themes addressed by the Institute, fundamental or applied research.

Budget of the call
– Global budget for “Interdisciplinarity 2021”: 6 M€
– Budget per Institute: 300 k€
– Budget per project: minimum 100 k€, maximum 300 k€ – Duration of funding per project: 36 months

More to be find on 2021

Pre-selection & Eligibility criteria

Pre-selection by NeuroMarseille Institute

Within the framework of the AMIDEX Interdisciplinarity call, the NeuroMarseille Institute will promote the emergence of innovative projects in Neurosciences, whatever the discipline of application of the theme. Project on fundamental or applied science, from molecular to human studies, are allowed. Here are examples of the axes that can be pre-selected for this call:
• Physiologic and pathologic development of the nervous system.
• Mechanisms of aging, lesions, and degenerative diseases of the nervous system.
• Clinical studies or trials aimed at testing new treatments or at patient stratification in the context of neurological and neuropsychiatric troubles.
• Neural mechanisms of addictions.
• Fundamental studies on the physiological and pathological functioning of the nervous system.
• Neural bases of normal and pathological behavior.
• Neuronal network modelization.

Projects will undergo a double selection process:
• NeuroMarseille Institute will pre-select a maximum of 3 projects, ranked in order of priority.
• The project leader must send the NeuroMarseille application form to the Institute Direction
( before January 10, 2022.
• An evaluation committee will study the submitted files.
• An audition of all the project leaders will be organized on January 18, 2022.
• The selected projects will be notified by January 26, 2022.
• The project leaders will have to fill the AMIDEX form and submit it to the following address before February 28, 2022.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible, the project must align with the scientific axes, promote interdisciplinarity and develop/structure interdisciplinary activities in research and training within the Institute.
Project format
Duration of the project: 36 months maximum.
Determining criteria in the evaluation:
– Capacity to ensure the steering and administrative management of the project.
– Interdisciplinary character: involve at least two disciplinary fields.
– Interdisciplinary character: two NeuroMarseille teams; additional partners are welcome if they bring an interdisciplinary scientific or technical added value. Compulsory: the number of NeuroMarseille partners has to be superior to the number of additional partners
– Innovative character.
– Feasibility of project implementation.
– Budget and timetable: compliance with the rules of the call for proposals and adequacy of the project.
– Impacts and spin-offs of the project: potential contributions, impacts on national, European, and international programs.

Project managing & Eligible expenses

Project managing
The Scientific and Technical Leader (STL) must be a researcher or teacher-researcher from Aix Marseille University. He/she will coordinate and monitor the implementation of the project.
The authorizing officer, responsible for using the budget, will be the Director of the research unit to which the RST is attached.
The financial manager of the project will be an administrative manager within the research unit. The projects are planned for a duration of 36 months in the execution of the tasks.

Eligible expenses
Operating and mission expenses are eligible.
Expenditure on non-permanent research staff is eligible (post-doctoral contract), with the exception of doctoral students.
Expenses specific to research equipment are eligible up to a limit of 20% of the total amount of the allocated funding. These expenses must only concern equipment specific to the project, excluding any recurring or traditional expenses of a research unit (computer equipment must be related to the execution of the project).
Expenditure on office equipment is not eligible.
Expenses must be eligible according to the AMIDEX regulations. Assistance on AMIDEX financing is available on the procedures guide.

Date to remember

• Application form submission : deadline January 10, 2022 – 11:59 PM (local time) to / copy to laboratory director.
• Project leader audition: January 18, 2022.
• Results of the pre-selection: January 26, 2022.
• Final submission of the pre-selected projects: deadline February 28, 2022.
• Evaluation by A*MIDEX: March to June 2022.
• Results: July 2022.
• Start of the projects: September 2022.