2021 PhD scholarships for international students
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The call is closed

Presentation of the call

The PhD Program in Neuroscience of Aix-Marseille University (AMU) offers 3 PhD scholarships (3 year-long) to students who have validated a Master’s degree outside France. The scholarships are fully funded by NeuroSchool (nEURo*AMU, ANR-17-EURE-0029).

The selection process takes place in three stages:

  1. a call for projects for research teams from Aix-Marseille University laboratories with receipt of applications by March 1st, 2021, at the latest,
  2. a call for applications from master’s degree students or alumni with receipt of applications by May 2nd, 2021, at the latest,
  3. the audition of the shortlisted candidates which will take place in early June 2021 (date to be specified later).

Call for projects (for researchers) - CLOSED

AMU neuroscience research teams are invited to propose a PhD research project in neuroscience for the next 3 years. Maximum of one project for every 3 HDRs in a given team (a team with 1 to 3 HDRs may submit 1 project, a team with 4 to 6 HDRs may submit 2 projects…)

IMPORTANT : exclusive “1 PI (HDR)-1 Project-1 Student” rule : PI applicants are only allowed to submit one project for one of the 3 following calls :

  • international co-supervised PhD (NeuroSchool),
  • PhD scholarships for international students (NeuroSchool),
  • ED62 doctoral school call for doctoral contracts.

In addition, any supervisor of a PhD student who received a scholarship from one of these calls in the previous year (2020) is not eligible to apply this year.

To submit a project, please download the file below (see “Documents available for download”), fill it out and upload it once completed.

Research projects should be sent at the latest on March 1st, 2021, at midnight, through the online form below.

After verification of their administrative validity by the NeuroSchool PhD Program, research projects will be presented on the NeuroSchool website as well as advertised worldwide by mid-March, 2021.

Call for applications (for students) - CLOSED

A call for three scholarships is open to Master’s graduates from top-ranked non-French universities.

The candidates can download the necessary documents from March 15th, 2021, in the “Documents available for download” tab:

The application must be submitted in English on our website before May 2nd, 2021, at midnight (Marseille time) as a SINGLE PDF DOCUMENT containing:

  • The document (“Choice of research projects“) highlighting the adequacy between the applicant’s background and the two research projects selected (see the “Documents available for download” tab)
  • a detailed resume (with copy of the obtained degrees)
  • a letter of motivation (500 words max)

Where should you apply? Click directly on “Submit your application” on this call.

The selection of candidates will be done in 3 phases:

  • 1st phase: project supervisors undertake an initial ranking of candidates who selected their project.
  • 2nd phase: the PhD program committee examines the ranked candidates of all projects and selects the candidates to be auditioned according to their academic background their adequacy with the project.
  • 3rd phase: the pre-selected candidates are interviewed by visioconference in front of the PhD program jury, which makes the final ranking.


Auditions will be held in early June 2021 in front of a jury including a representative from each NeuroMarseille laboratory and the heads of the NeuroSchool PhD program.

The interview usually consists of :

  • a brief presentation of the applicant’s CV and background, the main objective of the selected project and the applicant’s motivations (10 minutes),
  • answers to questions from the selection committee  (10 minutes).

The 9 members of the jury are as follows:

  • Benjamin MORILLON (INS)
  • Marieke LONGCAMP (LNC)
  • Ingrid BUREAU (INMED)
  • Gaelle CAPRAZ (INP)
  • Oussama EL FAR (UNIS)
  • Arnaud REY (LPC)
  • Christelle BAUNEZ (INT)
  • Christophe BECLIN (IBDM)
  • Fabrice Sarlegna (ISM)
  • Wafaa ZAARAOUI (PhD Program)
  • Anna MONTAGNINI (PhD Program)

They will meet:

  • Friday 28 May from 9 am to 12.30 pm by videoconference for the selection of the applications
  • Thursday 17 June from 9 am to 6 pm in person (on the Timone site unless further restrictions apply) for the
    (on the Timone site, unless there are new restrictions) for the auditions of the selected candidates (by videoconference).


The successful candidates must register for their PhD in neuroscience at AMU and do their research work on a full-time basis in an AMU research laboratory for a period of 3 years starting no later than December 2021.

Pecuniary information:

Monthly salary: 1,768,55€ (gross), i.e. approximately 1421€ (net), but subject to contribution rate changes.

Expenses: applicants will pay their annual tuition fees (around 400 €) and when needed, their visa fees.



Documents available for download

Call for projects phase

Please rename the document with the name of the PhD supervisor and include the summary of the PhD project.

Call for applications phase


The following laureates were selected :

  • PUNJABI Khushboo for a PhD project at the INT, under Dr Malfait and Dr Stellmann’s supervision,
  • BUTLER-HALLISSEY Ciaran for a PhD project at the INP, under Dr Letterier et Dr Thery’s supervision,
  • BOURZEIX Marie for a PhD project at the INT, under Dr Beurrier et Dr Gascon’s supervision,
  • COMINO Alicia for a PhD project at the CRMBM, under Dr Viola et Dr Perles Barbacaru’s supervision.