Séminaire tutoré – Pascale Durbec

16 Mars 2018 – INT – 14h30

Rendez-vous à 13h00 pour les étudiants du PhD program

Pascale Durbec travaille à l’Institut de Biologie pour le Développement à Marseille.


Myelin plasticity and regeneration

Myelin is an essential component of the nervous system allowing fast electric propagation through neuronal networks and supporting neuron integrity via trophic support. It is clear now that myelin is not a static structure, since it is shaped by environmental stimuli and thus undergoes significant structural changes during adulthood.  Following various traumas or in neurodegenerative pathologies such as Multiple Sclerosis, myelin can be damaged and this loss affects vital neurological functions. In this context, a regenerative process can be observed, with production of new myelin sheath. Although insufficient to allow complete functional recovery, this self-repair process represents great therapeutic hopes.  This regeneration is possible thanks to the presence in the brain of stem cells and progenitor cells that are able to generate new oligodendrocytes, the myelin forming cell. During this seminar, I will present our recent data on the cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling myelin repair in rodent, and how this knowledge led us to propose new strategies to stimulate cell mobilization in order to favor this self-repair process.

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