3ème édition des conférences en neuroscience de l’INT – Laurent Vinay

In 2012, the Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone  was created by Guillaume Masson (current director) and Laurent Vinay (deputy director) to carry out world class research in fundamental neurosciences, from cellular to cognitive levels. This institute is dedicated to fundamental and clinical neuroscience.

Every two years, INT organizes an international conference within its walls and the two first ones were very successful. This year, after the sudden death of Laurent Vinay, we decided to organize the 3rd INT conference in his memory. This 3rd INT neuroscience conference will be held in Marseille on sept 15-17, 2016. Our wish list includes neuroscientists in the field of motor control, as also people that knew Laurent very well through his research, and his friendship. Laurent devoted his life to science. He contributed to unravel the mechanisms involved in the functional and developmental plasticity of the spinal cord in normal conditions and after traumatic injury. Several topics related to spinal and cerebral plasticity  will be discussed during this meeting which will last two days and a half. Poster sessions will break the day in combination with a lunch-buffet.

Poster of the Conference



15-17 septembre 2016 – 3rd INT Neurosciences conference: in tribute to Laurent Vinay

Spinal cord research from bench to bedside

The program:

Day 1

8h45: Introducing remarks by Guillaume Masson (director of INT)

Session 1: Generation and selection of motor behaviors (Chair: Abdel El Manira)

9h00: Sten Grillner, The Nobel institute for neurophysiology (Stockholm,Sweden)

9h30: Nino Ramirez, Center for integrative Brain Research (Seattle, USA)

10h00: Rejean Dubuc, University of Montréal (Montréal, Canada)

10h30: Coffee break

11h00: Arlette Kolta, University of Montréal (Montréal, Canada)

11h30: Muriel Thoby-Brisson, The Aquitaine institute for Cognitive Neurosciences, (Bordeaux, France).

12h00: Ron Harris-Warrick, Cornell University (Ithaca, USA)

12h30: Lunch

Session 2: Genetic dissection of the locomotor network (Chair: Sten Grillner)

14h00: Abdel El Manira, The Nobel institute for neurophysiology (Stockholm, Sweden)

14h30: Ole Kiehn, The Nobel institute for neurophysiology (Stockholm, Sweden)

15h00: Martin Goulding, Salk Institute (San Diego, USA)

15h30: Rob Brownstone, London’s Global University (London, UK)

16h00: Coffee break

Session 3: The first step of the locomotor network (Chair: S. Hochman)

16h30: François Clarac, INT (Marseille, France)

17h00: Michael O’Donovan, NIH (Bethesda, USA)

17h30: Joel Glover, Institut of Basic Medical Sciences (Oslo, Norway)

18h00: Peter Wenner, Emory University (Atlanta, USA)


Day 2

Session 4: Neuromodulation of the locomotor system (Chair: François Clarac)

8h30: Shawn Hochman, Emory University (Atlanta, USA)

9h00: Jean-René Cazalets, The Aquitaine institute for Cognitive Neurosciences, (Bordeaux, France).

9h30: Patrick Whelan, University of Calgary (Calgary, Canada)

10h00: Marie-Claude Perraut, Emory University (Atlanta, USA)

10h30: Daniel Cattaert, The Aquitaine institute for Cognitive Neurosciences, (Bordeaux, France).

11h00: Coffee break

Session 5: Motoneuron plasticity and dysfunctions (Chair: R. Brownstone)

11h30: Jean-François Perrier, University of Copenhagen (Copenhagen, Danemark)

12h00: Gareth Miles, University of St Andrews, (St Andrews, UK)

12h30: CJ Heckman, Northwestern University (Chicago, USA)

13h00: Lunch

Session 6: Chloride inhibition: a dynamic equilibrium for synaptic inhibition

(Chair: L. Ziskind Conhaim)

14h00: Yves De Koninck, University Laval (Québec, Canada)

14h30: Claudio Rivera, INMED (Marseille, France)

15h00: Igor Medina, INMED (Marseille, France)

15h30: Contribution of Laurent Vinay to the PhD program


19h00: Gala dinner for invited speakers


Day 3

Session 7: Facing the challenge of spinal cord injury

8h30 : Frédéric Brocard, INT (Marseille, France).

9h00: Serge Rossignol, University of Montréal (Montréal, Canada).

9h30: Larry Jordan, University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Canada).

10h00: Reggie Edgerton, UCLA (Los Angeles, USA)

10h30: Coffee break

11h00: Gordon Mitchell, University of Wisconsin (Madison, Canada)

11h30: Urszula Slawinska, Nencki Institute (Warsaw, Poland)

12h00: Andrea Nistri, SISSA (Trieste, Italy)

12h30: L. Bensoussan, A. Delarque and JM.Viton, CHU Timone, (Marseille, France).

12h45: Concluding remarks

Lunch and departure

Conférence ICN, Rencontre scientifique
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