Some useful links

Useful links


  • Société des Neurosciences et FENS
    In France, the Société des Neurosciences has over 2,500 members and aims at promoting research in all areas of neuroscience. Every 2 years, it organizes a week-long meeting with plenary lectures, thematic symposia and poster sessions. The Société des neurosciences is part of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS), which organizes a forum that brings together European researchers every other year.
  • Society for neuroscience
    Similarly, in the United States, the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) brings together neuroscientists and organizes every year in October or November, the world largest gathering of neuroscientists.
  • Ph.D. Program de la Timone
    The “Ph.D. program in integrative and clinical neuroscience” launched at La Timone in 2013 offers training, tutored seminars and funding (for conferences or for postdocs in industry) to any registered neuroscience PhD student of Marseille.
  • Allen Brain Atlas
    Excellent atlases of the brain and spinal cord, with the expression of almost all genes.
  • Pubmed – Bookshelf
    Free online access to science textbooks.



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