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Special medical staff meetings

You will be able to attend these meetings where different difficult clinical cases are exposed and discussed. These meetings are in French.

  • November 25 2015 (11-12.30am): Amphi HA2 Timone. Staff meeting of the Neuroscience Department.


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Conferences of the "Pôle de Neurosciences"

You will be able to participate in these conferences, where a high-level speaker is invited once a month to present the most recent knowledge in a pathology. These conferences start at 8 PM (in the evening).

  • January 12 2016 (8 PM) Timone hospital amphi HA3:  Conference in french Pr Khé Hoang-Xuan  invited by Pr Chinot “CNS primary lymphoma: current diagnosis and treatment issues

Thematic Day

Once a year, our PhD program organizes a thematic day about a pathology joining clinicians and researchers. The students participate in the organization of the day and chair the discussions.

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Intership at the hopital

The clinical units of the AP-HM invite 3 or 4 students of our program during one week. The students follow the cliniciens in their different tasks. They attend consultations, if possible surgeries, they participate in staff meetings and in different events organized by the hospital.

The enrolled student are selected on their active participation to the PhD program.

The following clinical units have already offered such internships :