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The Clinical Day - Brain Machine Interface - June 30 2016

The ICN PhD.D. Program is proud to announce a special event, the Brain Machine Interface day (BMI day) that will occur June 30th in the HA2 hall in the Timone hospital. This follows the success of the « Parkinson’s Day » organized in 2015. Our wish is to bring together clinicians and researchers, residents and PhD students, to follow presentations from internationally renowned scientists and clinicians that will present the current state of the art on a clinically-relevant topic.
This event will focus on Brain Machine interfaces, a federative theme that illustrates very well the interactions between fundamental and clinical approaches. During the event, we will have 3 duos of speakers with both fundamental and clinical perspectives on three modalities: Visual,Auditory and Motor.  Each of these 3 sub-themes will be followed by a discussion that will be moderated by a PhD student and a clinical resident.

Please find below the scientific program :


Registration is free but mandatory in the limit of available seats.

For the PhD program, the organizers : T. Brochier, F. Chavane, A. Eusebio, D. Schon

Internship in Clinic - Neuroinflammation and stroke -

Department of Neurology (Neuroinflammation and stroke) (Hôpital de La Timone): 1 day of outpatient consultation, 1 day of clinical research, ½ day of staff meeting, ½ day in the inpatient care unit (neuroinflammation), ½ day in the inpatient care unit (stroke), 1 day of research (CEMEREM).

Dates: 1 week in october or november 2016


Internship in Clinic - Neuropsychology and Speech Therapy

Department of Neurology and Neuropsychology (Hôpital de La Timone) : 1 day of inpatient evaluation (neuropsychology and speech therapy), ½ day of outpatient consultation, ½ day of clinical research, ½ day of grand round, ½ day of staff meeting

Dates: 1 week in automn 2016