Registration to the PhD Program

The NeuroSchool neuroscience PhD Program is a training track offered to Aix-Marseille University (AMU) PhD students enrolled at the Health and Life Science Doctoral School. Our program is indeed providing a complementary training tailored for neuroscience students, but does not replace the official administrative registration to the Doctorate School. Please note that this requires the obtention of a  scholarship for at least 3 years (self-funding is not allowed). Several funding options are listed here. Then, once registered for PhD studies at the Doctoral School, any neuroscience PhD student can register to the NeuroSchool PhD Program using the online form below. It will generate a pdf file that you and your supervisor(s) will then sign before sending it back to the PhD Program committee.

Why join our program?

As a PhD student, you must validate at least 100 hours of training over the course of your PhD (50 h of “professional” training and 50 h of “scientific” training). The Health and Life Science Doctoral School already offers several disciplinary and transversal trainings such as professional workshops and its annual symposium. However, the Doctoral School also accepts that you train through our program, as long as you also attend its annual symposium.

With the Neuroscience PhD Program, you will have access to more trainings specifically dedicated to neuroscience and you will join a smaller, more focused, community.  You will benefit from a variety of courses (basic and specialized courses, monthly tutored seminars, clinical trainings…), as well as from scientific, social and networking events, where you can actively participate (PhD Days, special events). The final aim of our program, made for but more importantly made with PhD students, is to increase their skills and knowledge in the field of neuroscience, and to introduce them to the corporate and clinical worlds.