PhD monitoring and course credits

PhD Monitoring

The Neuroscience PhD program promotes a dynamic and constructive follow-up of each PhD project advances all along the three years of the PhD.

AMU Doctoral School of Health and Life Science (EDSVS-62) already requires setting up an advisory board and a progress monitoring in order to assess PhD students’ academic performance and to evaluate training effectiveness. Within the PhD program, we recommend that the monitoring be modified as described below (downloadable pdf).

Good student-supervisor relationship poster

To launch reflection and discussion in your own lab, you may use the poster “A guide for good student-supervisor relationship: work in progress” that Clementine Bodin, Caroline Landelle, Anne-Caroline Martel and Irene Sanchez-Brualla presented during the 2017 PhD Days.

Reminder: these advices are not rules and should be adapted to each context!

Download the full-size poster (40 Mb)

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Course credits

The following document recapitulates the ECTS credits allocated for each of our PhD Program course or event.