November 28 2017 – Salle des Voûtes – 11h00

Meeting at 9h30 for the students of the ICN PhD program

Silvio Ionta works at the Laboratory for Investigative Neurophysiology, Université de Lausanne.

“From motor control to sensory perception, and back”

Conceiving theoretical models to explain the causal link between dysfunctional brain networks and clinical phenotypes is a major challenge in cognitive neuroscience. In the current models of sensory-motor integration the reciprocal role of sensory and motor processes for body representation is still unclear. This seminar will unravel the neural counterparts of our ability to organize multisensory perceptions and motor routines, shedding new light on the ways the brain represents the body as a function of the available sensory information. Based on behavioral and neurophysiological evidence in health and disease, different frames of reference and their mutual exchange will be introduced. The described findings will be enclosed in a broad theoretical model of modes and operations of sensory-motor processing.


Please register on Ametice before November 23, 2017.

ICN PhD Tutored seminar
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