April 24 2017 – INMED, Salle de conférence

Meeting at 10 am for the students of the ICN PhD program

« Do Toddler Screen Time Habits Influence Trajectories of Human Development ? »

The omnipresence of television in everyday family life has sparked questions about the possible longterm impact of excessive media exposure during infancy and early childhood. Many parents seem unaware or unconcerned about recommendations to avoid potential risks of overexposure. The existing guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics apply even when the content is developmentally appropriate. This presentation will use the displacement hypothesis, which underscores both intellectual and physical sedentariness, to explain the prospective associations we have found in our studies using participants from the Quebec Longitudinal Study of Child Development (Étude longitudinale du développement des enfants du Québec). This French Canadian birth cohort, born between spring 1997 and 1998, came into this world at a time when digital technology was less portable and thus less ubiquitous. The historical limitation of screens being exclusive to televisions becomes a methodological strength, making it easier to isolate the influence of the screen time predictor on children’s subsequent bio-psycho-social developmental outcomes up to a decade later.

ICN PhD Tutored seminar
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