Tutored seminar – JM. Scherrmann : Why it is difficult to develop CNS drugs: lack of neuropharmacokinetic considerations?


About the speaker

Jean-Michel SCHERRMANN, Emeritus professor, Faculté de Pharmacie de Paris, INSERM U1144, Université Paris Descartes

Jean-Michel Scherrmann, Pharm. D., Ph. D. is professor in the department of Pharmacokinetics, Faculty of Pharmacy, University Paris Descartes. He received his Pharm.D. and Ph. D. in analytical radiochemistry. He has led the Neuropsychopharmacology Unit at Inserm.

Why it is difficult to develop CNS drugs: lack of neuropharmacokinetic considerations?

The research and development of CNS drugs are characterized by a high attrition rate. One of the main reasons is often related to the restrictive permeability of the blood-brain barrier, which is the main interface between the brain and the blood systemic circulation.

During the presentation, I will demonstrate that crossing the brain barriers is not the only event explaining failures in developing CNS drugs. Distribution of drug candidates within the brain parenchyma can represent another obstacle as well as clearance processes aiming to eliminate compounds from the brain tissue. These processes are different according to the type of drug candidate, i.e., small chemicals versus biologics. Several CNS drug examples will illustrate that the trilogy: brain penetration-distribution and elimination should be better considered for developing brain therapies with small molecules or biologics.

November 23, 2018 – Faculty of Pharmacy – Campus Timone

  • 9AM Discussion amoung students (Faculté de pharmacie, Campus Timone – Salle de TD°3 -rdc aile C)
  • 10AM Seminar – Open to all (Faculté de Pharmacie – Amphi PASTOR)
  • 11AM Discussion with speaker (for PhD students)
ICN PhD Tutored seminar
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