Tutored seminar – James Kilner

October 13 2017 – INT – 2h30 pm

Meeting at 13h00 for the students of the ICN PhD program

“A novel functional role for beta oscillations”

James Kilner has worked with Professor Chris Frith at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at UCL. His research focused on the role of motor system activity during action observation. He employed MEG, fMRI and behavioral studies to investigate a functional role of the motor system in action perception. At the time there was some debate in the literature as to whether or not humans had mirror neurons and whether any of the previous fMRI studies could be considered as evidence for this particular neuronal population. His work using fMRI adaptation has been important in providing evidence for mirror neurons in humans. He has also worked on a long-standing problem in action observation – how do mirror-neurons, and motor system activity more generally, mediate understanding of other peoples actions? He proposed a new computational model of action and perception, in which the motor system is active as part of a generative model predicting the observed kinematics.

Since 2014 the research in his group has focussed on a new perspective on movements and movement disorders (specifically Parkinson’s disease and Tourette’s syndrome) that he will present Friday October 13, at the Institut des Neurosciences de la Timone.  His central and original hypothesis is that movement initiation can be recast from a proprioceptive framework. To this end he has been able to demonstrate that sensory attenuation is impaired in PD patients OFF dopaminergic medication.


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ICN PhD Tutored seminar
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