Training on producing compelling and successful manuscripts by Linda Pagani

April 25, 2017

INT, 9:30 -12:00, Salle Laurent Vinay R+1

Montreal poet, Leonard Cohen once said, “Simplicity is voluptuous.” This inspiring quote applies to research. Powerful writing is convincing. The writer is seen as authoritative because complexity is simplified. The author expresses empowerment by keeping the storyline short and effective. With an efficiently written text, the reader is kept on a “need-to-know” basis. The author gives little room for readers to digress with questions other than the problem being addressed. The general objective of this tutored graduate student seminar is to revisit the different parts of an observational and experimental research article. This will be complemented by a review of key strategies associated with a successful submission and dissemination process.

Five objectives will be attended:

1. Participants will adopt a “succinct” mindset for each part of the text meant to support the aim of a study.

2. Participants will learn to adapt their writing according to the mission of a chosen journal.

3. Participants will become acquainted with the utility of a decision tree for the journal submission process.

4. Participants will appreciate the importance of the dissemination process in the media.

5. Participants will learn how to write a press release that enhances dissemination and dialogue

ICN PhD course
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