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On May 2&3, Prof Linda Pagani, from Université de Montréal, will give a course on scientific writing.


Day1: Producing Compelling and Successful Manuscripts in the Biomedical Sciences

Montreal poet, Leonard Cohen once said, “Simplicity is voluptuous.” This applies to research.

Powerful writing is convincing. A good writer simplifies complexity. This is comforting to readers. An author empowers the reader by keeping the storyline short and effective.  An efficient text keeps readers on a “need-to-know” basis. There is little room for readers to digress with issues other than the problem being addressed. The general aim of the first tutored graduate student seminar is to revisit the essential parts of a research article in the biomedical sciences. Every author wants a successful submission process. There are 4 specific objectives of this condensed course on effective and efficient writing.

Adopting a “succinct” mindset for each part of a text meant to support the aim of a study.
Adapting writing according to the mission of a chosen journal.
Using a decision tree for the journal submission process.
Reviewing the key strategies associated with a successful submission and dissemination process.
Day2: Knowledge transfer and the media: Going from “savoir faire” to “fairesavoir

Research, as an enterprise, is very expensive. It represents countless work hours for researchers and costly infrastructure for institutions. Funding agencies tell us that transferring knowledge is important. Researchers and institutions want their discoveries known, in order to generate accolades and further investment. However, the road to knowledge translation can be enigmatic. A major impediment is that academics are not trained to disseminate beyond publications and presentations. This workshop aims to achieve three objectives.

We will appreciate the role of knowledge transfer in dissemination.
We will review the goal of making research shareable and discoverable.
Participants will learn how to write a press release that enhances world-wide dialogue.


Please register in advance on Ametice so that we can get organized.

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