PhD Program annual review meeting : Debate Game !!!

Each year, we invite PhD students to give a feedback on the PhD program. The objective is to continuously improve the program and adapt it to your needs. In particular, we want to discuss with you what you feel is working, but also, what should be improved and/or ideas that you would like to see implemented. We understand it can be difficult to share opinions on these issues, especially if they might be seen as negative, so we decided to use a playful approach, in line with this year PhD day theme. We propose this event in the form of a “debate game”. It will not be necessary to prepare anything; rather we will supply an online collaborative document, in which anyone can anonymously add (until September 14th) a suggestion or a theme that he or she would like to be discussed. Before the “debate game”, suggestions will be drawn randomly and teams (including committee members) will be assigned the task of identifying either the pros or the cons. Examples might include:

·       The seminar topics or courses are relevant.

·       The frequency of events is too low.

·       PhD Program courses delivered 2 days in a row are better than 4 ½ days in 2 weeks or 2hrs every evening.

·       Courses in a class are better than videoconference courses.

·       My advisor doesn’t accept the workload required by the PhD program.

·       More social events would be appreciated.

·       Spreading of communication is not efficient.


Pizza and drinks will be provided to fuel our imaginations…

Join us on September 19th, 6 PM, at INT. Save the date!

Reflexion and debate, Students event
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