Measuring and interacting with neuronal activity

On October 16-17, we organize a course on « measuring and interacting with brain activity ».

Why such a course? Many of us (students but also junior and senior researchers) do not always have a clear idea of the physical principles underlying their measurements and the impairing limits/bias. This is true for any measurement and it is not rare to hear erroneous statements based on wrong assumptions about the meaning of a signal. To try to overcome this problem we have asked local AMU specialists to come for this tailored 2 day course. They will cover most of the techniques used for measuring & interacting with neuronal activity. Our main objective is to provide an overview of the overall physical principals and their limits in order to develop your critical thinking.

Program of the course. This 2 day class includes 4 sessions, each devoted to one main category of measurement and perturbation of neuronal activity (i.e. electric session, magnetic session, optic session and the black box one). For each category local experts will present a critical view of the technique they use during a 30’ session, followed by a 15’ slot for discussions and 10’ for rest before the next talk. We intentionally privileged brief, straight to the point, presentations, in order to have enough time for discussions and rest. This will allow for a brief but intense coverage of the advantages and limits of most neuroscience technics.

Evidently, this event will be more fruitful if you follow the entire training. It has been conceived in that spirit. However, we will understand if you cannot attend the full 2 day class. You will have to come for at least one session (half a day). To facilitate the organization, we will ask you to bring your own food during that event (however some refreshments and coffee will be provided so that you can get some energy ;).

Please register in advance on Ametice so that we can get organized.


Day 1: October 16th 2017

General introduction (10’) F Chavane
Morning: 9h00 – 12h00OPTIC SESSION
_ Optical Imaging of intrinsic signals / NIRS, I Vanzetta
_ VSDI, F Chavane
_ 2 photons, F Debarbieux
_ Optogenetic, N Maurice
Afternoon: 14h00 – 17h00 : ELECTRIC SESSION
_ EEG/sEEG/LFP, C Bénar
_ Intracellular, N Wanaverbecq
_ SUA/MUA/MEA, D Robbe
_ Microstimulation, T Brochier

Day 2: October 17th 2017

Morning: 9h00 – 12h00MAGNETIC SESSION
_ fMRI, P Belin
_ MEG, JM Badier
_ TMS, MH Grosbras
Afternoon: 14h00 – 17h00 : BLACK BOX SESSION
Psychophysics, A Montagnini
Behavior in primates, G Masson
Behavior in rodents, F Sargolini
Interaction w/behavior, N Malfait

ICN PhD course
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