Good practices in mentoring

March 29, 2017

INT – 6pm – R+4


Mentoring is a fundamental part of the PhD studies. However, as a student it is not always easy to find the mentoring that you need: your supervisor is not exactly a teacher, because your relationship will be more close than that, but he/she is also not a friend and neither a normal coworker. The position of a PhD student is strange. However, there are guidelines and studies -mostly from anglosaxon universities- on how to use your relationship with your mentors (with your supervisor or other coworkers) to learn the most and get the most out of your PhD experience.

The purpose of the spontaneous event “Good practices in mentoring” will be to share guidelines and advice on how to improve the mentoring we get (from studies or from our own experience); to discuss them, and to generate a list of suggestions that all students can use to improve their “mentoring network”. All constructive contributions, from students (and supervisors), are welcome.

Snacks and drinks will be offered.



Photo credit : Cal Poly CENG Mustang Mentoring 2011, Brian Ujiie, Creative commons

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