First international symposium at INT

The first INT symposium entitled « Standing up against paraplegia » aims at gathering specialists of different aspects of spinal cord physiology and spinal cord trauma in order to discuss the best research strategy to establish an implantable electrostimulable neuroprosthesis that promotes axonal regeneration and functional recovery.

Registration mandatory on Ametice


09h00 Registration and coffee
09h30 Introductory words by Dr Masson G. (Director of INT) and C. Damon (Head of AMU European Valorisation Department)
10h15 Prof. Collazos J. (National Hospital for Paraplegics, Toledo, Spain) Neurofibres consortium: biomaterials for spinal cord injury (SCI)
11h00 Coffee break
11h30 Prof. Kirchhoff F. (University of Saarland, Germany) Imaging gliosis after SCI
12h00 Dr. Debarbieux F. (Aix Marseille University) Imaging inflammation after SCI
12h30 Lunch
14H00 Dr. Brocard F. (CNRS) Locomotor network disorders after SCI
14H30 Dr. Moqrich A.(CNRS) Dissecting spinal sensory pathways controlling the transition from acute to chronic pain
15H00 Dr. Brezun J.M. (Aix Marseille University) Functional assessment of sensorimotor skills in rodent models after SCI
15H30 Prof. Trouslard J. (Aix Marseille University) The cerebrospinal fluid neuronal system : new actor in the mammalian spinal locomotor network ?
16h00 Coffee break
16h30 Dr. Callot V. (CNRS) Multiparametric MR imaging of spinal cord traumas at ultra-high field
17h00 Prof. Guillet B. (CERIMED-Aix Marseille University) Isotopic imaging for spinal cord injury
17h30 Prof. O’Connor R. (Ecole des Mines de St Etienne) Flexible stimulation electrodes
18h00 Prospects and concluding remarks

Exceptional conference
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