Course on Statistics

Monday 3 & Monday 10 April

INT – 11:00 / 17:00 – Salle Laurent Vinay (R+1)

“Statistics: why and how” will be a “back to basics” course for those who do not feel confident in statistics. After a small explanation of “why” we, as scientists, need statistics, we will deal with the “how” part of the course. We’ll use the R statistical environment ( as a support for the practical part. The theory will be reduced to the minimal needed to understand what statistical methods to use, why to do so and how to really compute a result.

Thus it will be both an introduction to the R environment and a statistical course. Specifically, we’ll deal with R environments, manipulation of datasets and graphics. Statistical topics will include: descriptive statistics, statistical tests and an introduction to statistical models.

Computers will be available in the room for live exercises.

ICN PhD course
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