About us


The PhD  program pursues the following objectives:

  • training students by and for research
  • developing innovative pedagogy
  • attracting international neuroscience students and lecturers to Marseille
  • preparing the study-to-work transition of neuroscience graduate students


Marseille hosts one of the largest French academic neuroscience communities (452 permanent staff members), covering a broad range of topics from fundamental to clinical research, and the third European University hospital. Frontline approaches and state-of-the-art techniques are routinely used to investigate fundamental questions on the functional and dynamic organization of the nervous system. We explore the brain at all scales, from molecular to cognitive levels. A major objective is to tightly link fundamental and clinical neuroscience  for exploring, understanding and treating neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Neuroscience graduate training in Marseille is rooted in two well-established training programs: Aix-Marseille neuroscience MSc and PhD programs. Both recently upgraded their training offer and increased their international attractiveness through the Brain Master Program and the Neuroscience  PhD Program, two initiatives funded by AMU Academy of Excellence (A*MIDEX).

History of the ICN PhD Program

In 2010, a pioneer working group (F. Cayetanot, F. Chavane, F. Danion, G Masson, A. Montagnini, J.Peyronnet-Roux, S.Ravel, L. Vinay) laid the foundation of a PhD program in Neuroscience.

An initial version of the program was launched at the end of 2011, mainly proposed to the PhD students of the newly-created Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone (INT).

Under Laurent Vinay’s impulsion, its scope and audience were enlarged in 2012 with the help of François Feron (NICN).

In 2013, the Aix Marseille University Academy of Excellence (A*Midex) approved and funded the international PhD program in Integrative and Clinical Neuroscience (ICN), coordinated by F. Chavane, F. Feron and L. Vinay. Currently, the ICN executive committee includes a researcher from every AMU neuroscience laboratory and a clinician (A. Eusebio) from the university hospital (AP-HM).

Over the last 4 years, the program has awarded 10 PhD scholarships to international students, 1 PhD scholarship to a local medical doctor and 5 postdoctoral fellowships to AMU PhDs in neuroscience willing to work in biotech companies or clinical units. To date, over 110  PhD students enrolled in the ICN program.

Our team


Frédéric Chavane (CNRS, INT/Timone)

François Féron (AMU, NICN/Nord)

Common email address


Executive committee

Frederic Danion (AMU, INT/Timone)

Alexandre Eusebio (AP-HM, INT/Timone) – coordination with clinical units

Anna Montagnini (CNRS, INT/Timone)

Julie Peyronnet-Roux (AMU, INT/Timone)

Nicolas Wanaverbecq (AMU, PPSN/Timone)

Nicole Malfait (INT/Timone)

Laurent Pezard (NIA/Saint-Charles)

Wafaa Zaaraoui (CRMBM/Timone) – coordination with clinical units


Students’ representatives

Caroline Landelle (PhD student, NIA/Saint-Charles)

and many others attend our weekly meetings


Finance and administration

Elise François (AMU, INT/Timone)

Isabelle Pellegrin (AMU, INT/Timone)

Isabelle Virard (AMU/Saint-Charles)


Laboratory and Doctorate School representatives

Bénédicte Dargent (CRN2M/Nord)

Fanny Mann (IBDM/Luminy), I. Convergence Centuri

David Robbe (INMED/Luminy)

Daniele Schön (INS/Timone) – I. Convergence LCC

Francois-Xavier Alario (LPC/Saint-Charles) – ED-CLE

Demian Battaglia (INS/Timone)

Laurence Casini (LNC/StCharles)

Valery Matarazzo (INMED/Luminy)

Christophe Porcher (INMED/Luminy) – ED-SVS

Michael Russier (UNIS/Nord)

Fabrice Sarlegna (ISM/Luminy) – ED-SMH