A look back on the petanque tournament

Wednesday, June 27th, on the Prado Sud beach, dexterity and strategy were in order for the inter-institute petanque tournament. All shots were allowed, as long as the meter was available to check!

After weeks of preparation and impatience, the long-awaited moment had arrived. At 5 pm, neuroscientists took over the beach. More than forty people, from all laboratories, came to throw their (petanque) balls around.

Having a sense of humor was an important factor when it came to choosing team names, and once this was done, the game could begin!

Very quickly two types of players emerged: those who were there to get to know one another whilst playing, and those who came to win! The 13-point games took longer and every point became crucial!

The atmosphere stayed cheerful:  exciting and emotional moments, interspersed with swimming and slices of pizza. What more could you ask for?

A great success that could become an annual event!

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