Volunteers needed -Brain Awareness Week 2016

Brain Awareness Week (14-20 March 2016) is an international event which aims to publicize the latest advances in neuroscience research. In and around Marseille, it is organized by the Cerveau Point Comm association.

Besides our program aimed at a general audience (conferences, science cafés and debates), students and staff from Marseille laboratories go to schools to talk about issues related to neuroscience research and about careers in research.

From February 29th to April 1st, 2016 , volunteers will go to primary schools , colleges or high schools, in pairs, using media (slides and small experiments) developed by doctoral students. The themes this year are:

  • “Brain & emotions” “for late primary school/early high school classes
  • “The brain in the age of Information Technologies” for higher levels.

We rely on the mobilization of all (researchers, students and technical staff) to meet the high demand from the schools, so please (re)try this experience!

To obtain more information or to participate, contact Amina Mokrane.

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