Validation of the sensitivity and specificity of ihMT for myelin alterations by comparison with histology analysis

The inhomogeneous Magnetization Transfer (ihMT) is a recently introduced endogeneous MRI contrast, which has shown unpreceded strong apparent signal specificity for CNS myelinated tissues.
The capability of ihMT to assess non-equivocally different status of myelination, namely normal myelination, demyelination processes and remyelination needs to be evaluated.
For this purpose, we will use a well-characterized and documented cuprizone mouse model of demyelination. Mice will be followed in a longitudinal ihMT MRI/Fluorescence-histology protocol in order to assess myelin status at different time points, relevant of the pathological processes: beginning of demyelination, peak of demyelination, active remyelination and and complete remyelination. MR experiments will be performed on a preclinical 7T MRI scanner. Correlations between MR metrics fluorescence intensity will be searched at each relevant time point in order to evaluate the capacity of ihMT to depict changes in myelin content.
The internship candidate will participate to MR experiments, including acquisition, post-processing and result analyses of the longitudinal study.

Technique: MRI

Interested candidates can visit http://crmbm.univ-amu.fr/DUHAMEL-Guillaume for more information on the global project and should contact us for more details on the proposed internship.

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