U-shape fiber connectivity in the superior temporal sulcus

Despite the very strong development of diffusion MRI techniques to observe the anatomical connectivity of white matter, this connectivity, outside the large tracts, is still poorly known. In particular, the short connectivity of U-shape fibers (generally connecting two adjacent gyri) has been little described and this mainly for two reasons: these tracts are probably more variable from one individual to another, and their geometry (in particular their high curvature) requires very good quality acquisitions and adapted pre and post-processing techniques. The MeCA team at INT (http://www.meca-brain.org) has developed tools to extract and observe the distribution of these fibres around a given cortical sulcus. These tools provide, from diffusion MRI data, a two-dimensional representation of connectivity around the sulcus. This representation is accessible at the individual or group level. It allows a classification in bundles of all the fibres represented. These tools have been used to describe U-fiber connectivity in the central sulcus [1]. The objective of this internship is to apply these tools on part of the Human Connectome Project database to describe U-shape fiber connectivity under the superior temporal sulcus. The student will be supervised by a researcher (O. Coulon) and a PhD student (Alexandre Pron). All necessary tools and data will be made available to her/him.

[1] Alexandre Pron, Lucile Brun, Christine Deruelle, Olivier Coulon (2018) Dense and structured representations of U-Shape fibers connectivity in the central sulcus, IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging

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