Honeybee visual guidance in 3-D

To navigate in an unpredictable environment is now an impossible task to do by a micro flying robot of a few grams, but which is done every day easily by honeybees. Consequently, efficient principles exist, based in particular on suitable sensorimotor processing, which allow honeybees to perform accurate navigational spatial tasks. It’s exactly these principles, still little known, we want to understand, to model, and to validate by rebuilding them on-board micro flying robots. This internship is in the framework of ethological experiments performed in Marseille since 2004. The experimental set-up (see attached file) is a flight tunnel in which honeybees are trained to navigate in order to study their position as function of various optical configuration. Honeybees will be therefore trained to cross the tunnel with various sucessive optical configuration in order to explain their behaviour (ie., their trajectory in 3-D) by well known visual cues, in order to find out their invariant property.

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