Eye movements control towards social stimuli in autistic people

The objective of the project is to test to what extent the oculomotor system of autistic people is more influenced by faces than by other visual objects.
To this end we ask participants either to look towards a visual target when it appears, or to inhibit this reflexive movement and instead look in the opposite direction. We record reaction times and error rates when the target belongs to different categories. We have shown that adults and adolescents observers make more errors when the target is a face (Morand J of Vision 2010 ; Geringswald in prep).
The goal of this new study is to replicate this experiment with a population of people on the autistic spectrum. Indeed abnormal oculomotor control in social context has been described in these persons, but it remains unclear as to whether these particular features relate to deficient executive control or to perceptual abnormalities.

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