Dissociation of the cognitive vs. motor function of the neurons in the premotor cortex: an application of TMS adaptation paradigm

Several studies have reported an involvement of the dorsal part of the left premotor cortex (dPM) in writing. However, the precise role of the area has not yet been specified. In our previous TMS study (Pattamadilok et al., 2016), we argued that the left dPM, which à priori is involved in movement preparation, might also be involved in the cognitive aspect of writing and reading. At the neural level, this “double-function” could be explained by an existence of two sub-populations of neurons within the area. We propose to use the TMS-adaptation (state-dependent) paradigm to address this issue.

Pattamadilok, C., Ponz, A., Planton, S., & Bonnard, M. (2016). Contribution of writing to reading: Dissociation between cognitive and motor process in the left dorsal premotor cortex. Human Brain Mapping, 37, 1531–1543.

Silvanto., J., Muggleton, N., & Walsh, V. (2008) State-dependency in brain stimulation studies of perception and cognition. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 12 (12), 447-454

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