Computational modelling of eye and hand movements when tracking a visual target

The ability to precisely keep track of moving objects in the environment with the eye or the hand is an important skill in daily life. Accurate tracking relies, at least partly, on the ability to predict ongoing object motion. The goal of this internship is to provide a computational model that can account for eye and hand movements when human participants are required to track a visual target following a complex trajectory. Interestingly, preliminary behavioural results show that simultaneous hand tracking may improve eye tracking. While most existing models account for behavioural responses in these two systems independently, our objective will be to provide a model that can account for such eye-hand interaction. Students with interest in computational modelling, motor control, and vision, are encouraged to apply. Knowledge in Matlab or Python programming will be also appreciated. This internship will be coadvised by Frederic Danion (COMCO) and Laurent Perrinet (INVIBE).

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