A study of the relationship between time perception and causality

Classically, it has been considered that causality is partly inferred from the temporal relations between events. For instance, people are more likely to report two events as causally linked if they follow each other closely in time than if they are separated by a long delay, and if the presumed ‘cause’ occurs before the presumed ‘effect’. This internship aims at investigating the relationship between people’s inference of causality and the perceived temporal order of actions and sensory events.

The internship will take place at the French aerospace lab (ONERA) in Salon-de-Provence. The trainee will join the Cognitive Engineering and Applied Neuroscience team of the ONERA and will be supervised by Dr Andrea Desantis (ONERA). Travel to Marseille will be essential, as the experiments will be conducted at the Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone.

The trainee will be required to:
– Conduct a review of the literature on time perception and its link with the sense of agency and causality.
– Participate in the design, programming, data collection and analysis of an experiment involving perceptual psychophysics.

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