The Virtual Brain Node 5 – 5th training workshop

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The workshop is dedicated to a theoretical and hands-on understanding of large-scale brain network modeling using the open source neuroinformatics platform The Virtual Brain (TVB). For the first time this workshop will be held over 2 days and will go more in depth regarding the hands-on modeling sessions along explicit use cases from resting state studies and clinical applications to epilepsy and stroke. Also for the first time we will offer in-depth training of fitting virtual brain models to human imaging data.

The Virtual Brain simulation environment enables the biologically realistic modeling of network dynamics using connectome-based approaches across different brain scales. Personalized brain network models can be derived from an individual’s MRI data. Configurable brain network models generate macroscopic neuroimaging signals including functional MRI, intracranial and stereotactic EEG, surface EEG and MEG for single subjects. TVB researchers from different backgrounds can benefit from an integrative software platform including a supporting framework for data management (generation, organization, storage, integration and sharing) and a simulation core written in Python.
Workshop format: lectures and hands-on tutorials. Participants are encouraged to bring their own data to work on.

Workshop program overview:

  • Theoretical background of large scale brain network modeling
  • Architecture of The Virtual Brain (TVB)Interacting with TVB using GUI and Python interface
  • Preprocessing neuroimaging data, or how to obtain a TVB dataset
  • Fitting the brain model parameters to the functional data
  • Modeling resting state network dynamics in fMRI
  • Modeling stroke and recovery
  • Modeling epilepsy and surgical interventions
  • Modifying TVB code and implementing new features
  • Bring your own data hands-on sessions: preprocessing and simulations

Information and registration 

Registration open until April 20th.

For any question, please contact Viktor Sip.

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