Neuro & Philo – Henri Atlan conference

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How does neuroscientific knowledge about the brain influence philosophical trends? How does philosophy enable neuroscience to reflect critically on its own activity and the knowledge it produces?

It is this type of questions that many researchers and philosophers are tackling, including Henri Atlan, a doctor of medicine and science but also a writer and philosopher of science. Very attached to Spinoza’s philosophy, he is closely interested in the issues of body/mind dichotomy, anthropomorphic projections on nature, and ethics.


On April 4th, 2019, at 6:00 pm on the St-Charles campus (Grand Amphi), come and discover the results of his work and reflections, based on his thesis on “Spinoza and Current Biology” defended in 2017, in a free of charge and open to all conference!


Talk and discussions will be in French.

Registration required via this link.

Atlan, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Popularization, Spinoza
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