Development of strategies to transport CNS drugs across the BBB and biotechnology entrepreneurship

The NICN-UMR7259 laboratory is involved in a European ITN Marie Curie project (ECMED) with a focus on the study of epilepsy and the development of new drugs based on the modulation of neural cells with their environment, in particular the extracellular matrix.

Within this project, we are organizing a workshop for the PhD students involved in the EC project between the 24th and 28th of October 2016, which includes a one-day mini symposium on the Blood-Brain Barrier physiopathology and technologies on Monday October 24th.

This symposium is open to PhD students of the Integrative and Clinical Neurosciences Program and more generally to all those interested. The symposium will take place in CERIMED, La Timone.

Because sitting may be limited depending on attendance and in order to plan catering for the lunch break on Monday, if you are interested, please register on the following site:

Program and registration
Grigorios Kyriatzis and Michel Khrestchatisky


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