Clinical day on epilepsy

Basic and Translational research in Focal Epilepsies

Marseille is an important research platform on epilepsy with a wide range of research from basic science to clinical epilepsy in children and adults. This day will be an opportunity to present and discuss some recent developments in the field with French and international experts.

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? 5 July 2019

?Amphitheater HA2, Timone Hospital, 278 Rue Saint-Pierre, 13005 Marseille

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BASIC SCIENCE: Chairs : F. Pizzo (MD, Phd student) ; J.C. Vermoyal (PhD Student, Basic science)

10h-10h45:  Animal models of heterotopias – Jean-Bernard Manent (INMED Marseille)
10h45-11h30: Neurostimulation in epilepsy: from animal models to human therapeutic applications – Brigitte Pialat (Grenoble)

11h30: Discussions et débat

INTEGRATE SCIENCE: Chairs : S. Lagarde (MD, PhD student) & T. Madec (resident in Neurology)

13h30-14h15: The connectivity alterations in epilepsy – M. Guye (Marseille)

14h15-15h: From connectivity and epilepsy modeling toward The Virtual Epileptic Patient  – V. Jirsa (Marseille)

15h-15h45: Computational models of electrical brain stimulation with an epilepsy perspective – F. Wendling (Rennes)

Coffee Break

CLINICAL TRANSLATION: chairs I. Lambert (MD, PhD student) & N. Roehri (PhD, Post Doc)

16h15-17h: New Electrophysiological biomarkers in Epilepsy – Frauscher B (Montreal)

17h-17h30: General Discussion and Conclusions – F. Bartolomei (Marseille)

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