How to communicate in Science

In the afternoon of april 19 we will launch a new event entitled “communicating in science”. The aim of this event is to help everyone improving his communication skills in science. The format we decided is rather simple: some of you will volunteer to present her/his work, the format being either a poster presentation (that we will videoproject) or a regular presentation. In order to see as many presentations as possible, the presentation time will be short, around 5’. We will therefore select 5-10 persons for presentations but the idea is that everyone – even the one not presenting- should come since we expect you  to participate actively to the event by sharing your impressions with everyone. After each presentation we will discuss altogether what was good and what can be improved in the presentation, using if needed the video of your presentation. For that purpose, Daniele Schon and Pierre-Jean Godard have kindly accepted to share their experience with us and chair the discussion. Daniele Schon is a renown scientist and a team leader at the INS (, and Pierre-Jean Godard is a professor in « classe prépa » and have been for a long time a jury of the aggregation (highest level university diploma for teaching).

At the end of all presentations, we will try to write together a charter of good practice for communicating in science. We will close the day by exploring a few techniques that everyone can do to control his stress.

PLACE : CERIMED Conference Hall from 14h to 18h

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