11th scientific day of the IRM-INT@CERIMED

The 11th scientific day of the IRM-INT@CERIMED centre will take place on Friday 25 May 2018 at CERIMED (Faculty of Medicine, Timone, Marseille).

We have organized a scientific program on the adaptation of sensorimotor networks during development and normal aging.

Speakers will present recent advances in structural and functional imaging to describe the adaptive brain processes that develop within sensorimotor networks throughout life as a result of growth and aging.

You will find the program below with presentation from local researchers and young researchers, and international researchers in neuroimaging.

The two keynotes will be given by Stephan Swinnen (KU Leuven, Belgium) and Julien Doyon (McGill, Canada).

Registration is FREE but MANDATORY on: https://centre-irm-2018.sciencesconf.org/

It includes optional lunch, participation in the evening cocktail, and especially the presentation of a poster.

Researchers, PhD students and post-doctoral fellows are strongly encouraged to
submit posters on their work, either if they use MRI or if they focus on the theme of sensorimotor adaptation, whatever the study modalities (fMRI, but also MEG, EEG, behaviour).

A first prize of 100 euros and two second prizes of 50 euros will be awarded to the best posters by a jury composed of speakers.

DEADLINE for registrations: Friday 27 April.


Hope to see many of you on May 25th,


For the Centre IRM-INT@CERIMED, the organising committee,

Anne Kavounoudias, Christine Assaiante & Caroline Landelle

Scientific meeting
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