Congratulations to our graduates


The neuroscience master’s program conveys its enthusiastic congratulations to all its new graduates.

We particularly emphasize the excellence of the 7 students who have obtained a doctoral contract from the life and health science doctoral school (EDSVS). These students will start their Ph.D. in the fall of 2017 in one of the research laboratories affiliated to the master:

  • Erwan Leprince
  • Justine Facchini
  • Jérémy Verneuil
  • Mehdi Sicre
  • Audrey Jacq
  • Jérémy Giroud
  • Jonathan Pesce

Morgane Chassignole also did very well and was a laureate, but as her supervisor also had another Ph.D. scholarship, she decided to withdraw from the competition, which enabled the next candidate to obtain a  Ph.D. contract.

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